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Lot: 348
Title: Ana Esquisse (Hole Esquisse)
Year: 1962
Artist: Shozo Shimamoto (1928-2013)
Dimensions: cm 36x51
Technique: Mixed media and holes on paper
Signed and dated bottom right
Photo-certificate by Associazione Shozo Shimamoto with no. ID 958
A very important type of work by Shimamoto from the Gutai period, currently underestimated by the market. In a letter dated 16 July 2002 to Tate, the artist revealed that he had started painting on supports made of glued newspapers because in the early 1950s he could not afford to buy canvases. Shimamoto found that the newspaper support would tear if the glue had not been completely dry before starting to paint on it or if the paper he had used was too delicate; this provided him with inspiration for his Holes series: Shimamoto superimposed the paper and by rubbing with a rough object he created the hole. This happened for the first time in Joshihara's studio in 1947! At the basis is his concept of anti-painting, of uncontrolled action, a sort of "action painting", which is a completely different concept from Fontana's, spatialist, neo-perspective and in search of plasticity in the Cut.

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29/06/2021 14:30:12operator (post-auction)winner20.000,00 €