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Artesegno Auction House

Incoming auctions

31th Italian and International
Contemporary Art Auction

1st session saturday june, 21th - 4:30pm
Local Art from Friuli Venezia Giulia

2nd session saturday june, 28th - 4:30pm
Art from ‘900 and from ‘800
Italian Contamporary Art

3rd session saturday july, 5th - 4:30pm
Modern and Contemporary Art

4th session thursday july, 10th - 4:30pm
International Graphics

5th session saturday july, 12th - 4:30pm
International Contemporary Art

ONLINE pre-auction in progress,
with online bidding

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for operas
non yet awarded
in previous sessions

Post-auction bargains

Online live auction

Listen to in-room auction live audio/video!
You can bid live online!
Online live auction
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